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How Do I Ask You to Write My College Essays?

01Tell us the details

We will require you to tell us more about your task. Provide us with all the details you have within our site’s easy and intuitive ordering form.

02Deposit money

Once you complete the form with details on your essay, you must take a responsible step in depositing money on our site. Then we will start looking for authors.

03Relax and wait

We will find you the best writer who will immediately start creating for you a perfect essay. Contact your author and comment on the task.

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After the file is ready and the version is final, you will need to choose which format you want to receive, and after, you will get a link to download the paper safely.

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Proficient essay writers

We work with people who genuinely love what they do. We are sure that when you get a specialist who will see your submitted request, “write my college essay,” you will get a strong specialist with skills above and beyond. If you doubt our writers, you must know that each of our specialists is professional enough to create for you a meaningful paper. We test each author, ensuring that he or she is ready to help you do your best. Any writer of our team undergoes the long process of securing and approval.


24/7 help

“Please, write my essay for me.” We know that you are looking for collaboration that is impossible without solid assurance, which is our job’s central part. In addition to our authors’ excellent writing performance, we will provide your assistance with a great customer support team. Each member of our supporters’ community is skilled enough to help you with any difficult situation with your tasks. We know that if you need an extremely urgent answer, our helpers will react promptly and do their best to help you in any situation.


Rates you wanted

“Will you write my essay for me for cheap?” We are a team of believers who are not sacrificing their reputation only to earn money. You can be sure that you will get rates among the market average. We do not need any excuses that will make us state unaffordable rates that are not honest. Instead, we do our best to offer you comfortable and accessible rates. Our team works day and night to ensure that our writers are helping you with their knowledge and patience. If you compare our rates to others, you will see that our service is reliable.


Confidential help

We are sure that you do not want to share a lot of your personal information with others. However, getting writing help is not cheating, and some students are afraid that their professor will know they asked for a sample from us. You can forget about any troubles. Our team will take care of your confidentiality and make sure your personal information remains locked tight within our system. If you are ordering our help and write us the request, “write my college essay for me,” we take some information only for our insider purposes. Any data about our customers does not leave our website.


Terms and conditions

We want you to be sure that our team takes care of you and your reputation. Our writers and managers work under solid terms and conditions that are an obligation for anyone who deals with the WriteMyEssays.college team. Rules we apply regulate the processes of ordering, revising, helping with supporting issues, the legitimacy of our service, and other vital aspects. We do not want any misunderstandings. All we want is a straightforward collaboration with you.


Any essay papers

You might want practical help from us. That is why we answer any request, such as “I need to pay someone to write my college essay,” with enthusiasm. Our team knows that you might not be very well prepared to cope with voluminous essays. However, we know that we have a team of helpers ready to assist you. We can perform any type of essay fast. Our writers can deal with large and complicated essays. We are here for you if you cannot deal with a vast and complex topic for your paper.


Prompt reaction

Any request that says, “write my college essay,” is a signal for the WriteMyEssays.college team to come quick. Our writers are situated in various time zones and operate within different time frames. At the same time, we do not worry if you ask us to compile an essay urgently. We are sure that our writing helpers can compile any paper for you speedily. The only problematic aspect is our desire for each customer to stay realistic. We do not want to reject your urgent requests that say, “please write my essay in one hour.”


Refund possibility

We are working hard to ensure our clients are in professional hands. We must ensure each customer that they can count on a responsible service. We are ready to provide refunds to all clients who need a reimbursement because of objective needs. The WriteMyEssays.college team is here for you in case of any problematic issue. We are ready to work during the day and at night to help you withdraw your money if you see that your case meets the requirements of our refunds policies.

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35Average delivery time2h
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Write My College Essay – Why You Need to Ask Us

We are waiting at all times believing that you will find a way to reach us. Our team knows that any student might face a situation when he or she requires urgent support. Professional authors of the WriteMyEssays.college team are here for you daily, completing requests and writing essays on any topics. You do not have to wait for long if you face a difficult situation within your studies. Here are some of the circumstances that lead students to us:

  • You have kids

If you are a happy parent, you might still face loads of difficulties. Being unable to live a stable life may lead to many issues, but that is how parenting goes. However, you may experience lots of happy moments when you have kids. In addition, you may face some truly unpredictable circumstances leading to stress. You choose whether to face challenges with your written tasks or to opt for help. With our writers’ assistance, you will forget about issues with essays as all problems will fade away. We will have your back during any troubles with written assignments while enjoying your parenting.

  • You have a job

While some students are having a ball being supported by parents, others face difficulties with earning money for their studies. It does not matter why you decided to look for a job. You might want to make some money for your big dream of conquering Mount Everest or simply need funds to help your family. A circumstance that forces you to attend a full-time or a part-time job is enough to do it, and yet you might require help and want to be successful with your studies. Our experts are ready to give you support with their knowledge. 

  • You lack skills

Not every student is proficient enough to represent the deep knowledge of complex disciplines. You might know some classmates who are keen on history or psychology. However, you might not be one of them. It is not a crime to lack skills. You can count on quality support and help if you need someone to lean on. Challenging tasks are a widespread problem, so opting for professional support is a working solution that becomes a remedy. We can take away your worries. By turning to us, you will understand that there are no questions that can’t be solved.

  • You are overloaded

Many students who ask, “write my college essay,” admit that they can complete their essays by themselves, but they lack time. Since completing a working paper is a voluminous task, even skilled students fail because they have too many tasks and must work on them simultaneously. If you face a situation when the number of tasks exceeds your limit, ask for assistance. With the help of professional authors, you will get the service you need. We are ready to give you qualified help with any essay or other college paper. We work hard to make you feel less overloaded.

  • You need some space

Having free time is a big dream for many students. Being assigned to write a voluminous paper often means being unable to live life to its fullest. We all want to work hard for a better future, but we do not want to regret losing precious years of our lives. If you feel that time flies, and yet you still need some experience in your life, you should go for it. With our proficient writers, you will not lose your precious time, and you can spend it making memories together with your friends. We will help to make each day count. Opt for our help and feel the difference when you ask us, “Can you write my college essay for me?”

  • You miss deadlines

Being a student means having many obligations, and a big issue you might face is short deadlines. Even if you are skilled enough to finalize a paper on time, you might be overloaded with other tasks. Unfortunately, having skills will not be enough to succeed. Thanks to our authors who often get requests from students like, “Please, help me write my college essay ASAP,” meeting short deadlines will stop being your problem. If your aim is not to miss any terms for written assignments, and you see that you need assistance, we will gladly give you a helping hand.

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35Average delivery time2h
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Write My College Essay With Benefits

We do not need to prove that we offer excellent service, as our features and advantages speak for themselves.


No borrowed content

Zero plagiarism is among our main goals. Each customer who asks us, “write my college essays,” can count on a unique paper. We create essays individually for students – imagine how the tailor makes a costume. That is how our writers work on papers for college: deep research, individual approach, personalization, etc.


Fast ordering

“I need you to write a college essay for me very fast.” It all starts with an order. We know that each student might need some assistance from time to time. Moreover, we know that you might order professional writing help for the first time in your life. We enable an intuitive and easy-to-understand process for ordering. Even if you complete the form for the first time, you will not have to spend loads of time ordering. Our form is easy to fill in.


Good feedback

Each student who asks us, “Can you write my college essay for me?” leaves us with feedback. We believe that getting reviews and collecting testimonials is vital. Any good service cannot survive without defining what its clients want. We think that the only way is communicating and talking about issues. However, we mostly get exciting testimonials. From time to time, we understand that we have something to improve. 


Safe transactions

One of the benefits each student gets from us who requests, “Please, write my essay,” is secured payments. We want to take care of your funds, mental health, and grades. When you deposit the money within our site, you deal with checked payment systems. Our team does not use cash. We provide secured operations to be able to give refunds and track the process.

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35Average delivery time2h
36Writers active now156

Write My Essay – What Can We Do for You?

However, not all students realize that our help is a way to overcome stress and troubles. You cannot doubt some practical aspects. We used to answer many questions like, “How will you write my essay?” Thanks to our vast experience, we know how to answer such queries and do it professionally. We want you to learn more about the process of our writers’ work to understand better why we can guarantee you perfect results.

  • We follow the instructions

Our WriteMyEssays.college team does a lot to support our clients in their struggles. Whenever you face a difficult written assignment, we are always there to assist. It does not matter how complex your situation is, as we work with professionals who never have problems. We ask you for detailed explanations of orders that follow the instructions from your teacher. Once you transform the instructions for an essay into a request for help, we are ready to find for you a fitting author who will fulfill all your needs. We are there for you if you cannot understand the assignment. And even if you do not have any instructions, we can help you know the standard requirements for college papers.

  • We know how to format papers

APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian, and other college paper formatting styles have many peculiarities. If a student cannot follow the core instructions on formatting, he or she will likely fail in completing the task. However, we are not letting this trouble happen. Each format has specific citation requirements, fonts, title page arrangements, etc. Having many professional writers with college backgrounds allows us to guarantee you full support on formatting. Anytime you order an essay or other college paper from us, ask us, “Please write my college essay for me,” you will get a result that makes you proud.

  • We provide research

When you request, “Can you write my college essays?” you must know that we create your papers from scratch. It means that we never sacrifice quality and take time to provide research on the topic. Our writers aim to compile a working paper your teacher will appreciate for you. Our authors have excellent sourcing skills to dig deeper into issues finding rare facts and solid arguments for you. We always include various kinds of sources in research as we know that each paper must be perfect. Our writers use primary, secondary, and tertiary sources to ensure that each fact they add to the paper is checked and correct.

  • We formulate topics

We know that stating a compelling topic usually is part of the task. Being assigned to write an essay is challenging, especially when you lack time. The situation might get worse when you must create an active topic. Each time you hire someone to write a college essay with our help, you must know that stating a topic that will force your audience to read the paper is part of our job. It might take hours to research and formulate a good topic that will reflect your vision. To our authors, stating perfect issues is not a big deal. They know how to define the core aspects of the subjects and explain them in several words.

  • We outline

WriteMyEssay.college gets loads of requests. “Please, write my college essay with a certain structure” – this query is a part of our daily routine. If you need assistance with creating a paper that will follow a particular outline prescribed in the teacher’s instructions or want us to write a correctly structured essay, ask us for help. We are ready to immediately react to any issue related to outlining as we know that it is a vital part of writing. Our authors are skilled enough to define the correct structure for any essay or other paper. The outline usually defines the logical flow and narrative of a paper, and we will help you to make your essay perfect.

  • We proofread

“I need help writing my college essay.” It is evident that complete assistance with a written assignment assumes editing. We believe that practical help with college tasks must include proofreading and polishing. Our writers know that they cannot send customers essays if they do not polish them to perfection. Any paper students order from us will be sent to them only after patient proofreading. You must know that all our authors understand that the essays they create must be without errors, grammatical mistakes, punctuation errors, misspelled words, etc. Our team ensures that you will get quality written and edited essays from us.

Write My College Essay – FAQ We Offer to Read

  • We work on “write my college essay” requests day and night. Our team knows a lot about students’ problems. So that we create a straightforward way to receive assistance, if you want to ask us for help with your papers, you must register on the site and fill in the form. We recommend you consider the teacher’s instructions to provide all necessary details regarding your essay. Once we get your order and you deposit money safely within our system, we start looking for a writer who can create your paper. Our team believes that students who trust us to complete their written tasks must relax right after they order help. Once we get your order, you can forget all your worries and wait for a brilliant result.
  • Usually, our potential clients are worried about the people who will be working on their essays. Since we do not connect students to many potential authors and select writers for clients by ourselves, the question about qualifications rises often. You must know that each author from our workforce has enough knowledge to deal with rare topics and complicated disciplines. If we are assigning a specialist to work on your paper, we are promising that you will get quality support. Our authors are certified and can approve their level with different documents. We provide tests for writers to define the current level of their knowledge. We know which of our authors is skilled in specific areas of study. For example, if we get a request to write an essay about Hitler, we look for a particular person proficient in this area of world history.
  • “I want to get in touch with an author who will write my essay.” You certainly have a right to address any questions to your writer. We believe that students deserve comfort and adequate assistance from specialists who work with them. We enable direct communication between students and authors via our chat. We aim to make you relaxed and confident that you can reach your writer to communicate and comment on your task. If your writer is offline and cannot answer you promptly, it is not a problem. You can quickly address your query to a free support manager and count on a speedy reaction even at 2 a.m. You can be sure that we want to stay in touch with you 24/7.
  • “What if an author who will write my college essay does it incorrectly?” It is evident that working with people means facing unforeseen circumstances from time to time. However, such situations are rare for our team, and we can get a query about quality issues. The first thing you must know is that we stop further collaboration with authors who cannot reach our level of quality. The second thing to say is that we are ready to provide refunds to students who require money back. We have specific refund policies that you can find and read on our site. We are ready to give you back from 20% to 100% of your deposit.
  • When it comes to professional writing help, some students think that they would violate some regulations or even laws. However, it is not so. By ordering paper samples from authors with excellent skills, you widen your knowledge. If you ask a friend to help you write an essay, he or she will do you the same job helping to outline, generate a topic, etc. Reaching a professional who knows a lot about writing is not cheating. By turning to a professional, you get the knowledge that you lack and take care of your mental condition.

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35Average delivery time2h
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