FAQ About Our Service
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Is your service safe for my data?

When you decide to place an order on our website, we only ask for data during registration to contact you and for payment. We need this information only to be able to inform you about the progress of your order or changes in the work of the author.

  • We never ask our clients to give us credit information over the phone, which is very important. You must enter payment information only in the forms provided on the page of our website.
  • After the payment goes through, a support agent will send you a confirmation notification.

We do not store your data and use only a secure connection. If you have any questions, you can read more about our Privacy Policy and get more information.

At what level will the author be trusted to write my work?

In our service, all authors have higher education and even sometimes a PhD or Candidate of Sciences in a wide variety of areas and domains. We can easily select a professional writer who will meet your requirements for writing an article, essay, abstract, etc. We can confidently guarantee the quality of our services because we check our authors for:

  • Profile and academic experience.
  • The results of the author’s essay and a unique online test in English.
  • The rating that the author is supposed to get on the site.

Would it be ethical to ask you for help with writing?

The authors of our service work exclusively with original information, and we do not use templates that can harm your studies. Our help can be perceived as:

  • A resource with ideas or arguments for your research work.
  • A hint to take a different look at the subject.
  • An opportunity to improve quotations in your work.

However, before using our service, make sure you are familiar with your college, university, or school policies. Decisions regarding education must be made consciously.

  • In our opinion, passing tests, regardless of their format, is the student’s full responsibility, as well as taking an exam. We never help write tests with multiple choice answers or any other form. It won’t be easy to estimate the amount of work our author would have to perform to pass the test with various options. In addition, we cannot recommend that you distribute personal information to the authors in messages or comments. If you disclose your information yourself, the company will not be able to protect your data. If you choose to place such an order, it will be canceled immediately, and your money will be refunded.
  • When you fill in the information about the order, you can attach any information or document you need. If you have more requests, you can send everything you need to the author for writing your work. After you fill in other data about the task, they will be automatically associated with your account on our website. You can add a variety of files related to the job set by our author. After you upload them, the writer will be able to see them. If you have additional questions about adding the required file, you can write to our support team at any time.
  • If you already have a lot of experience working with our writing company, you may choose an author who has already written a task for you before if you were impressed with his or her writing. To select an expert, you must click on the “Expert on Request” function during the ordering process and select the desired author from the list provided. If the one you wanted to choose is now performing another order, you will be able to choose another expert with suitable characteristics.
  • Everyone can have unplanned changes, and it can happen that you suddenly need to download your work earlier. To pick up the task earlier, you need to contact the support team of our service. As soon as you get support, we will work with you to resolve your request as quickly as possible. If we manage to expedite the process of receiving the task for you, we will inform you about it. Our team will be happy to help you solve your problems and will do everything in our power to do this.